John Rylands Library Manuscripts Online

This is just a little note. I’ve met several people who were working on relevant things but didn’t know that the manuscripts in the John Rylands Library at the University of Manchester are online. For a good while I didn’t realise that they are online myself. So, er: they are.

To find a particular manuscript quickly, I recommend putting “[descriptor] MS [number]” into the search box, including the quotation marks. So, for example, to find what I would normally call Manchester, John Rylands Library, MS English 90 type “English MS 90”. (This manuscript contains a copy of The Prick of Conscience with some curious interpolations; anyone interested in these should probably consult my former coursemate Ann Killian, who’s now at Yale.)

I should note that during my MSt year I wound up consulting a couple of JRL manuscripts in person—the usual story of the facsimile being a supplement not a replacement—and the librarians were very helpful.

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