About Me


The core of my day-to-day work at the moment is the study of the first comprehensive English translation of the Bible. Together with two other researchers I’m working to edit some parts of the Wycliffite Bible from the many surviving manuscripts, and to establish the parameters for a future full edition.

My doctoral thesis used manuscript evidence to rejig our understanding of how verse was read in later medieval England. I am currently turning this thesis into a monograph. In it, I turn to poems which were wildly successful in later medieval England and therefore survive in many manuscripts, but have since been largely ignored—texts such as The Prick of Conscience, the most successful English poem before print. Applying quantitative and qualitative codicological techniques to the many surviving copies of these texts allows me to establish a new ‘baseline’ picture of the experience of reading verse, a picture which can then inform our understanding of our modern Middle English canon.

Academic Employment

Junior Research Fellow, Corpus Christi College, Oxford (1 October 2016 to 30 September 2019)

Postdoctoral Research Assistant, English Faculty, Oxford (1 June 2016 to 29 February 2019)

Medieval Manuscript Teaching Intern, Bodleian Library, Oxford (12 October 2014 to 13 June 2015)

E-Learning Assistant, School of Medicine, University of Southampton (16 August 2010 to 15 July 2011)


DPhil in English (to 1550), St Hilda’s College, University of Oxford (2016)

MSt in English (650–1550), St Hilda’s College, University of Oxford (2012; distinction)

BA in English, Queen Mary, University of London (2010; first-class honours)

Grants and Awards

John Fell Research Fund grant, ‘Editing the Wycliffite Old Testament Lectionary’ (co-investigator with Elizabeth Solopova) (2016)

Digital Manuscripts Toolkit grant, Bodleian Library and Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (2015)

Erika and Kenneth Riley Fellowship, Huntington Library (2014)

Overseas Research Grant, Arts and Humanities Research Council (2014)

Donald Howard Travel Scholarship, New Chaucer Society (2014)

Muriel Wise Travel Grant, St Hilda’s College, Oxford (2014)

DPhil Studentship, Arts and Humanities Research Council (2012)

Maxwell and Meyerstein Grant, English Faculty, Oxford (2012)

Jeremy Griffiths Memorial Studentship in the History of the Book, Oxford (2011)

Hester Prynne Prize, Queen Mary, University of London (2010)

Westfield Trust Prize, Queen Mary, University of London (2010)

Cambridge Long Vacation Scholarship, Queen Mary, University of London (2009)

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