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Chapters and Articles

‘Signatures, Catchwords, Pagination and Foliation’, in Book Parts, ed. by Dennis Duncan and Adam Smyth (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018)

‘Middle English: Manuscript and Textual Studies’, The Year’s Work in English Studies 97 (2018; covering 2016)

‘Rediscovered Manuscript Fragments of The Prick of Conscience in the Library of Queens’ College, Cambridge’, Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society, 15.5 (2016), 515–40

‘“He that no good can”: An Unrecorded Copy of a Middle English Proverb’, Notes and Queries, 63.1 (2016), 15–17

‘Navigation by Tab and Thread: Place-Markers and Readers’ Movements in Books’, in Spaces for Reading in Later Medieval England, ed. by Mary C. Flannery and Carrie Griffin (London: Palgrave, 2016), 99–114


of Ellen K. Rentz, Imagining the Parish in Late Medieval England (Columbus, OH, 2015), Speculum, 92 (2017) 885–86

of Makers and Users of Medieval Books: Essays in Honour of A. S. G. Edwards, ed. by Carol M. Meale and Derek Pearsall (Cambridge, 2014), Archiv für das Studium der neueren Sprachen und Literaturen, 253 (2016), 214–15

of Robert Thornton and His Books: Essays on the Lincoln and London Thornton Manuscripts, ed. by Susanna Fein and Michael Johnston (York, 2014), Review of English Studies, 66 (2015), 570–71

Invited Blog Posts

Textuality in Transition: Editing Texts from Medieval BritainQuadrivium

The Medieval ListOxford Research Centre in the Humanities

Conference and Seminar Papers

‘Whittling the Wycliffite Bible: Transcription’s Sharp Ends’, New Chaucer Society Congress, Toronto (July 2018)

‘21st-Century Edition Design: The Wycliffite Bible in Print and Online’, International Medieval Congress, Leeds (July 2018)

‘Manuscript Canonicity’, International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo (May 2018)

‘“A legioun is my name”: Studying Large Manuscript Traditions’, Early Book Society and John Gower Society Congress, Durham (11 July 2017)

‘“Of the bridalis of Crist”: Explaining the Wycliffite Song of Songs’, International Medieval Congress, Leeds (4 July 2017)

‘Continental Codicology in Insular Teaching’, Teaching the Codex II, Oxford (6 May 2017)

‘Forms and Manuscripts: Reading Later Middle English Verse’, Medieval English Research Seminar, Oxford (3 May 2017)

‘Losing Manuscripts in Later Medieval England’, Understanding Material Loss, Birmingham (18 February 2017)

‘Rolling History: Rolls, Roll-Codices and Digital Imagery’, Digital Manuscripts at the Bodleian Libraries, Oxford (28 November 2016)

‘“Ferdful oostis”: Tackling Wycliffite Bible Manuscripts’, English Faculty Work in Progress Group, Oxford (16 November 2016)

‘Describing Missing Manuscripts in Lost Locations’, People, Places and Possessions, 1350–1550, Oxford (3 September 2016)

‘Rhymes without Lines: Reading for Balance’, New Chaucer Society Congress, London (14 July 2016)

‘Reading and Rearrangement: Speculum Vitae and the Reception of English Verse Pastoralia’, Pastoralia in the Late Middle Ages, Kent (24 June 2016)

‘Rolling History’, Working Materials Group, Oxford (3 May 2016)

‘Balance and Completion: Controlling the Reading of Later Middle English Rhymes’, Discipline and Excess, Cambridge (15 April 2016)

‘Navigation, Agency and Control: Opening Manuscript Paratexts for Later Middle English Poetry’, The Beginning of the Book, Bristol (18 March 2016)

‘Getting Into Books: Later Medieval English Bindings and the History of Reading’, Biennial Early Book Society Conference, Oxford (5 July 2015)

‘Manuscript Presentation and the Success of The Prick of Conscience’, New Chaucer Society Congress, Reykjavik (16 July 2014)

‘Page, Verse, Margin: Some Shapes in English Books, c.1350–1500’, Writing Britain 2014, Cambridge (1 July 2014)

‘Bracing Compunction: Marking Rhyme in Copies of The Prick of Conscience’, Biennial Early Book Society Conference, St Andrews (5 July 2013)

‘Reading and Guiding: Navigation in Some Manuscripts of The Prick of Conscience’, International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo (9 May 2013)

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